Executive Committee Holds Its First Meeting

The newly elected Executive Committee of the Milton Society of Georgia held its first meeting on Tuesday, December 22. The following were elected:

      a. Chair, responsible for oversight of all policies and activities of the Society. Edward R. Raupp

      b. Operating Vice Chair (OVC), responsible for the scholarly activities of the Society. In the absence of the Chair, the OVC shall assume the duties and authorities of the Chair. Zura Chkhikvadze

      c. Administrative Vice Chair (AVC), responsible for legal matters, technical activities, personnel matters, facilities, meeting arrangements, and other administrative affairs. Temuri Manvelishvili

      d. Secretary, responsible for creating minutes of meetings and correspondence. Danna Raupp

      e. Treasurer, responsible for all financial matters, accounting records, collection and disbursement of funds, and relations with banks. Nestan Kvitsinadze

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