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  • Milton Society Announcement (MSG)

    Dear Friends, Students, and Colleagues,
    We are pleased to announce the formation of The Milton Society of Georgia (MSG).
    The aims of the Society are:
    1. To bring together a community of scholars interested in the life and works of John Milton.
    2. To encourage production of literary works associated with John Milton.
    3. To issue publications about John Milton.
    4. To hold meetings at which Milton’s works will be studied and discussed.
    As a related goal, we will encourage interest in English language and literature more broadly.
    We will ally the Society with such national and international organizations as:
    Academy of American Poets
    Byron Society of Georgia
    Center for Foreign Languages, Gori State Teaching University
    English Teachers Association of Georgia
    Milton Society of America
    Modern Language Association
    National Council of Teachers of English
    New Chaucer Society

    Our website is under development at MiltonSociety.ge
    Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in English language and literature.
    If you would like to join, send a message to edraupp@gmail.com.

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